About TSCi

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex International (TSCi) is a consortium of organizations that support individuals with TSC around the world.

Initiated in the mid 1980s, TSCi serves as a forum for the organizations to share information, exchange ideas and methods, co-fund research projects, and empower individuals with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and their families, caregivers, educators and health care providers.

Goals and Objectives

  • To increase the knowledge of tuberous sclerosis complex throughout the world
  • To¬†establish internationally recognized diagnostic criteria, surveillance and treatment guidelines
  • To stimulate, coordinate and originate research on tuberous sclerosis complex
  • To interest statutory international organizations in the welfare of those with tuberous sclerosis complex and their families
  • To support national tuberous sclerosis complex associations and organizations in their work
  • To initiate the realization of new tuberous sclerosis complex associations in additional countries
  • To exchange information of mutual interest between tuberous sclerosis complex associations
  • To raise funds to support the goals and objectives of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex International (TSCi)