International TSC Consensus Guidelines

Peer-Reviewed, Published TSC Clinical Consensus Articles

In July 2021, the International TSC Diagnostic Criteria and Surveillance and Management Recommendations were updated to reflect advances in knowledge and approval of new therapies. In addition, TSCi published a companion piece that examines the state of TSC care around the world, identifies gaps in TSC care and makes recommendations for how TSC organizations and key stakeholders can work together to overcome barriers in TSC care. You can access both publications below.

TAND Clinical Consensus Guidelines

In September 2023, the TAND Consortium  published consensus recommendations for the identification and treatment of tuberous sclerosis complex-associated neuropsychiatric disorders (TAND). You can access the publication below.

The following papers are available free of charge with open access to anyone in the world.  TSCi encourages sharing these articles with healthcare providers.